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Walking Shoes: A Soul Journey
All journeys are journeys of encounter with the Lord who walks with us in the cool of the evening. Sometimes they are deadly silent; other times they are full of travail. But all times, no matter what the occasion or circumstance, they are journeys with rather than against; journeys to rather than from; journeys indwelling rather than dissipating. Any journey demands both a challenge and a risk; an act of faith in what is to come because of the assurance of what is past. Yet, the challenge and risk always leads to a homecoming. And the journey home is always shorter and full of special memories because it embodies the reality of a happy ending. A journey is an exercise in discovery; discovery of latent talents; opportune moments and the creative ability to fashion the tapestry of one’s life under the guidance of the Master Weaver. This book is a journal of life weaved from the fabric of people’s lives. Their hearts are stories of strength and weakness, heroism and heartbreak yet, woven together with hope. It is a sacramentality of life, love and living. May your journey be the same but different
Filled with food for thought, to be digested slowly; capable of making life's journey richer, insightful, and growth-filled. A trusty companion on life's highways and byways.
May the Wind be at your Back
William M. Thackeray said that "the world is a looking glass and gves back to every person the reflection of his own face." Life holds a mirror to us daily. We see our own refection in the faces of others; our own sgtory etched in their broes; our own thoughts imbedded in their brains; our own heartstrings entwined in theirs; our own secrets hidden deep within their psyche and our own story told through the pages of their ives.
May the wind be at your back
If you need food for thought; a short reflection, a nightcap that is not addictive; a shot in the arm that doesn't hurt; a cure for insomnia; a marriage of head and heart; a lucid moment; a scrambler of your thought process; a heart stress buster; a soul sojourn; then this book will tickle your funny bone and even allow you to shed a tear or two. It will help you climb a mountain of doubt and embrace a plethora of new insights. It will cure your myopic view of life with laser precision and replace it with a panoramic view of life. In the comings and goings of your life, May the Wind be always at your Back
She was no lady
On August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina makes landfall as a Category 3 storm with 127 mph winds  made landfall along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. According to FEMA, Katrina is, "the single most catastrophic natural disaster in US history   ."The total damage for Katrina is estimated at $108 billion. This made it the "costliest hurricane in US history. Over 1,800 lives were lost because of it. More than one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by the storm. At their peak hurricane relief shelters housed 273,000 people.
This is the story of one man, who loses everything in he hell of Hurricane Katrina. He loses home, personal and professional belongings, and maybe more.How does he cope with the loss? Where does he direct his anger, his frustration? How does he try to rebuild his life, profession, and community? Does he wallow in self-destruction or resurrect from the ashes? Does he have the inner resources to continue? How does he begin to give hope to people who have lost everything also? Where does he go for support? What does he discover about himself in the dark days and nights after the hurricane? Are there any answers to all those questions? Maybe, this book will provide some answers.
 This is his story. But, in a way, it is everyone's story who has lost a heart, a home, a job, a friendship, a soul mate, a loved one.
The Crooked Christmas Tree
We live in a society that rewards perfection. Advertisements for creams, diets, cosmetic surgery all promise and like to guarantee, if used, will make one perfect. Many hopes are dashed by such promises. In many cases, first impressions become lasting impressions. Many times, we don’t stop to see beyond the outward appearance into the inner beauty that is there to be discovered. The fable allows the reader to journey with a unique Christmas tree from its seedling beginnings to its surprising end. This heart-warming tale takes the reader through its inner fears, hopes, struggle for acceptance in the hope that someone might look beyond its physical challenges to discover its real heart and soul. The back of the book captures the essence of the fable when it states that “The Crooked Christmas Tree” is an adult fable that speaks to the heart of every person. On the outside, The Crooked Christmas Tree may be flawed, but inside, it is filled with inner beauty, pride, dignity, and hope To those who take the time to notice its uniqueness, personality and giftedness, it becomes a messenger that radiates love, joy, hope and peace. All books are available through in  Unites States and in Europe
A Journey with Boreen
Boreen is an actual road near Westport, Co. Mayo in Ireland. it is locally known as "Ballyburke Boreen" and is situated in the countryside village of Killawalla.
The word "Boreen" is an Irish word meaning "small road" or "laneway."
The road is peppered with sights and sounds, twists and turns, seasons and sunshine, hills and hollows, lalzy landscapes and loitering wildlife, old ruins and new growth, Fairy Forts and meandering rivers, romantic bridges, "Famine House" and "Famine Burial Grounds."
Boreen, the old woman of the road, invites the reader to join her as she shares her often painful history, her special moments as well as her centuries old wisdom and guidance.
In sharing the richness of her own life, Boreen hopes that her readers will value and appreciate the many lessons they have learned on their own journey.
"A Journey with Boreen" can be ordered through Amazon or one's local bookstore. It is publised by Olympia Publishers, London.

Freckles and Dara – A Fable for all Ages! Summary
We have practiced “social distancing” since the beginning of time, whether it be because of a modern day virus or a virus that has permeated human relationships throughout history. We continue to practice social distancing through the virus of prejudice, discrimination, judgement, superiority, bullying, fear. Our world has become a global village where, irrespective of race, religion, nationality or colour, we, as social beings, are socially distanced from each other. Modern technology has allowed us to communicate with distant strangers but makes it more difficult to communicate with the person sitting next to us.
“Freckles and Dara – A Fable for all Ages!” is a modern day parable about how two innocent but gifted lambs try to eradicate social distancing and remind us that life is richer and more colourful if we see it in all its diversity. But are we willing to pay the price?

"We all should know that diversity makes for a rch tapestry and we must understand that all the threads are equal in value no matter what their colour." - Maya Angelou, American Poet
Michael Tracey
Co. Mayo
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